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Cadbury Dairy Milk aims to inspire the generous intent of others by igniting a love for reading amongst the youth, making more homegrown stories in all South African languages more accessible to children. 

What are you basing your insights on?

Numerous studies* and experts have highlighted the lack of children’s literature available in African languages in South Africa. This includes a 2016 survey from the Publishers Association of SA that shows that approximately only 2% of children’s books commercially published in South Africa are in local African languages. 

You talk about African language books does this include English and Afrikaans which are also official South African languages?

In South Africa, as much as 80% of the population speak a language other than English or Afrikaans at home, and yet this reality is not reflected in children’s literature. Cadbury’s social mission is to increase a love for reading across all African languages, so our efforts have been focused on bridging the gap with a virtual library of children’s books across all mother tongues. 

African languages - does this include languages spoken throughout the African continent or only restricted to South Africa as there are many people from other African countries living in South Africa?

The Cadbury Homegrown Stories initiative, which has launched in South Africa, will include creating and translating stories into indigenous South African languages. Cadbury Dairy Milk is also embarking on similar campaigns in other African markets. 

How do I participate? 

For a limited period, look out for 10  Cadbury Story Edition packs. Simply scan the QR code on pack and follow the prompts to share a story via WhatsApp in your home language. You can share your story using voice notes, typing your story or uploading a PDF.

Where can we find the stories?

Once stories have been created, you can access them on the Cadbury Digital Library  . Cadbury Dairy Milk has also partnered with additional distribution partners including Qualibooks (visit and the Department of Education. This is to ensure that these stories get into the hands of the children who will benefit from them the most.   More information can be found on the website 

What is the age group of children that is being catered to?

Creating a culture of reading starts at a young age. The Cadbury Homegrown Stories initiative will focus on creating stories for children under the age of 10. 

What types of stories can we share?

Everyone is welcome to share stories that have a uniquely South African twist.  

Do I need to purchase Cadbury Dairy Milk to participate?

You can participate in 2 easy ways: Firstly, by purchasing any Cadbury Story Edition pack, scanning the QR code on pack  and following the prompts.
Secondly, you can enter without purchasing a Cadbury Story Edition pack by using the Whatsapp bot on our website. Find out more -

Can I buy any slab within the Cadbury Dairy Milk range to participate?

To participate, look out for the Cadbury Story Edition packs, available in Cadbury Dairy Milk and Bubbly Milk Chocolate 80g, 87g and 150g for a limited time only.  

Will I get anything in return for sharing a story

There will be no compensation or reward for sharing a story. Sharing a homegrown story is a wonderful act of generosity and kindness. Stories collected through the campaign will be shared widely to help ignite a love for reading amongst our youth.   

Do I have any rights to the story I shared/ created?

The rights to the stories, irrespective of the format they are shared in and created, remain with Cadbury Dairy Milk and its campaign partners.

I shared a story – now what?

All stories submitted will be shared with our publishing and distribution partner Qualibooks. Their team of local authors and writers will assess the stories for suitability for children and may edit the stories shared to ensure flow and continuity. Stories that meet the suitability and relevance criteria will be shared to the digital library and from these a further selection may appear in hard copy.

I shared a story and it didn’t appear in the digital library or in print – why?

Sharing a story is not a guarantee that it will be published on the digital library. In cases where there are very similar stories only one may be selected for inclusion in the library to ensure that there is diverse range of stories for children to enjoy. Only stories that meet the criteria will be published.