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Creating a more sustainable future for cocoa farming communities

Whenever you purchase a Cadbury Dairy Milk product with the Cocoa Life badge, you’re supporting responsible, environmentally friendly cocoa farming and improving the lives of the greater community.


Without cocoa and the next generation of farmers, there is no chocolate. Through our Cocoa Life programme, we aim to create empowered cocoa farmers within thriving communities across our supply chain. Cocoa Life is an industry-leading programme independently-verified.

Good cocoa is sustainably sourced

Cadbury is committed to cocoa farming that is ethical and kind to the environment. When you see the Cocoa Life logo on your favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk slab, you’ll know it was made with sustainably sourced cocoa.


We believe our ambitions will only be met and made sustainable by keeping a truly holistic view of the challenges we face.

Did you know?

Cocoa beans are the basis of chocolate. Without cocoa there is no chocolate.

Ghana is the second largest cocoa bean producer in Africa.

To make 1kg of chocolate, 300 to 600 beans are processed.

in every bite

Women Empowerment

Protecting gender equality by equipping female farmers with the necessary tools and information to do cocoa farming.

Child Labour

Protecting children in cocoa communities by ensuring they are thoroughly educated on child labour

climate change

Protecting the environment in cocoa communities by empowering and educating cocoa farmers on sustainable farming