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Ask Away FAQ's
Cadbury Dairy Milk

Why does the taste of the same product often differ from country to country?

The composition of export lines is always as near as possible to that of the RSA product. However, we have to comply with the food laws in the country in which the product is being sold.

This does affect the end result where food laws differ from country to country.

Our products also differ from country to country and brand to brand because of the different manufacturing capabilities of our different plants.

All our plants across the world tend to have equipment and processes that are not exactly the same and this could also contribute to product variability.

Why does the taste of the same product often differ from brand to brand?

The way chocolate is stored can affect the taste. For instance, chocolate stored in a warm environment will become stale more quickly than chocolate stored in a refrigerator.

Although the recipe and ingredients for our chocolates are always controlled to tight recipe standards, on occasions ingredients are sourced from different areas, and milk particularly can taste differently when bought from different areas of the country.

Chocolate recipes and textures are different. For instance, a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk tastes quite different to a Flake because they have different recipes.

What is the purpose of the Cadbury website?

The Cadbury website provides a variety of information about the world of chocolate and Cadbury's vital role in that ever-popular market.

Although the Cadbury site is a popular stop for Internet surfers, it was not designed as a promotional tool for its brands but rather as an educational and informative source for interested surfers from educational establishments to chocolate-loving members of the public.

The aim of the Cadbury website is to provide a safe, fun and interesting environment for individuals and families alike.

How should I melt chocolate?

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is a rich dessert chocolate and therefore hard to melt. A plain chocolate like Bournville is very much easier and more successful in cooking.
Both need to be 'tempered' carefully which is extremely difficult to do at home successfully.
You could also be chop or break the Cadbury chocolate into small pieces. Put the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and place the bowl uncovered in the microwave. Microwave the bowl for ten seconds. Then stir the Cadbury chocolate.

Can I submit an idea for a new product?

Cadbury has a Research and Development Team who, in partnership with the Marketing Department continually investigate new product ideas.

Development of a new chocolate product requires tremendous investment, both in time and financial resources.

For every new product that reaches the market place, fifty or more will have failed to meet expectations somewhere during development.
New products have to be carefully researched to ensure they have mass appeal, and the decision to introduce a new Cadbury chocolate product is always based on the results of extensive market research.

Unfortunately for these reasons we are not able to use any ideas from members of the public.

How do I know if the Cadbury chocolate has nuts or eggs in it?

Some of our chocolate variants do contain nuts (not egg). Consumers can check back off packs and allergen declaration line on packaging to check if the product contains fruit/nuts etc.

Is Cadbury chocolate vegetarian / vegan friendly?

Our products are lacto-vegetarian.

What does a Glass and a Half mean?

When we created Cadbury Dairy Milk, a glass of milk would have been fine. But we thought a glass & a half would be better. We want to stand for this kind of generosity in everything we do and say. We also believe there is a generous instinct within everyone and that’s why we say ‘There’s a glass in everyone.

Where do you make your chocolate?

Each of our products state where they were made. Please refer to the back of pack of each chocolate.