How do I participate?

Create an original story, of between 500 - 1 000 words and share it via the Cadbury Dairy Milk Whatsapp Bot as an audio note, copy or upload a word or PDF doc. Keep an eye on the Cadbury Dairy Milk social media platforms - @CadburyDairyMilkSA (FB), @cadbury_sa (Twitter & Instagram) and website ( - for more details on the number to dial to share your story. Ts & Cs apply – please visit for further details

Why stories?

Now more than ever, orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa need stories of hope and inspiration. Stories introduce children to worlds, concepts and images far beyond what they know. Through stories children can imagine a future filled with endless opportunities and see and believe new possibilities for themselves.

Why are you specifically focusing on orphaned and vulnerable children?

Cadbury Dairy Milk launched The Little Generosity Shop in 2019 to give orphaned and vulnerable children the precious gift of childhood. This was based on the insight that there are millions of orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa, many of whom have never experienced having a toy or book of their own. The 2020 Cadbury Dairy Milk Glass & a Half Project continued to drive this initiative. For orphaned and vulnerable children, many who already have limited access to stimulating resources, the impact of the past few months, is greater than we can imagine. With less contact with volunteers and the added strain placed on their caregivers, now more than ever orphaned and vulnerable children need a show of love, hope and inspiration. Stories inspire, they encourage and they enable children to imagine a world filled with new possibilities they can see and believe in for themselves. Which is why Cadbury Dairy Milk remains committed to supporting these children wherever possible.

Who benefits from this activity?

A selection of the stories received will be included in an audio e-book that will be available for download from the Cadbury website towards the end of September. Anyone can access this e-book and enjoy the stories. Additionally a hard copy of these inspirational stories will be shared with various beneficiaries, around the country, to enjoy with the children under their care.

How will the stories for the e-book collection be chosen?

The Cadbury Dairy Milk brand team as well the creative agency involved will select approximately 20 of the most inspiring, authentic and relevant stories shared to collate into the audio e-book.

If I share my story what are the privacy rules – who has the rights to my story?

The rights to each story remain with the author, however Cadbury Dairy Milk retains the right to use stories submitted through the campaign mechanic on all brand platforms including social media, paid for radio slots, video content etc in the promotion of this initiative. For a full list of the campaign
Ts & Cs please visit

How is my data kept private if I need to submit via a WhatsApp Bot?

Details captured through the WhatsApp channel will be used to contact the persons whose stories have been selected for inclusion in the audio e-book or related matters in line with the specific terms and conditions of the campaign. Customers will have the option to opt in to receive further communication. For a full list of the campaign Ts & Cs please visit

I’ve submitted my story now what – am I reimbursed in any way for sharing a story?

Sharing an original story that you have created to inspire the orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa, is a wonderful act of generosity and kindness. The value you will receive is knowing you have helped inspire children at a time when inspiration and hope is needed more than ever. Stories collected through the campaign may be used on Cadbury campaign platforms including website and social media as well as inclusion in the audio e-book that will also be shared more widely in the form of a printed hard copy with several beneficiaries who focus on the care of orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa. Ts & Cs apply – please visit for further details

Is this some form of a competition?

This is not a competition. Cadbury Dairy Milk is encouraging South Africans to, in a courageous act of generosity, share an original story to help inspire and encourage the many orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa. Ts & Cs apply – please visit for further details

I’ve never written a story before, how do I start?

Cadbury Dairy Milk is looking for everyday South Africans to share original stories told from the heart. Stories do not need to be written by professional writers and can be submitted in any of South Africa’s official languages. Simply share an authentic story from your imagination or based on someone/ something you have experienced, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll be sharing tips from professional storytellers and authors throughout the campaign to assist with getting you started.

What is the age group of children that is being catered to?

Stories submitted can be appropriate to all age groups, but the campaign will be focusing more specifically on collating stories for the 6-10 and 11-15 age group.

What type of stories can I submit?

Stories can be fictional or based on fact, as long as they are original. Stories should be between 500 - 1 000 words and centered on sharing inspiration, encouragement and hope for children. All stories received will be vetted for appropriateness before being shared any further.

What languages can I submit my story in?

You can submit a story in any of South Africa’s official languages.

How many stories can I submit?

You can submit as many stories as you like as long as they are original, between 500 - 1 000 words and encourage a spirit of inspiration and optimism. However if selected, only 1 story per user will be included in the audio e-book

How long should my story be?

Stories should be between 500 - 1 000 words.

Why have you selected Shekinah and Proverb to present their stories for this campaign?

We have partnered with these two south Africa stars as they both have inspirational stories to share and a passion for encouraging children to be all they can be.