Previously on the Eggstraordinary Easter Story, eggs were stolen, a chicken was rescued, and Fluffy was made the head of the Cadbury Easter Egg Factory.

The only problem? Fluffy doesn’t have corporate eggsperience, or opposable thumbs! He’s already managed to mislay the eggs. Oh boy.

Cadbury Chocolate Covered Mallow Eggs

Light and fluffy mallow eggs enrobed in creamy Milk Chocolate are Fluffy’s personal favourite. No guessing why!

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Egg with Astros

Felix is fixated on creamy Milk Chocolate hollow eggs filled with colourful, crunchy Astros. They’re seriously yummy, we can’t blame him!

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Egg with Whispers

Security Chickens invented creamy Milk Chocolate hollow eggs filled with malty, delicious Whispers. How about a round of appaws.

The eggs are missing - they must be in the factory! If you help Fluffy find the four hidden eggs, as well as the jackpot stash, you could stand a chance to win eggceptional prizes and a family getaway. Help Fluffy prevent an Easter Eggpocalypse!

20 March - 14 April 2020

Find frantic Fluffy on Facebook and tap to enter the Instant Eggperience.

Eggsplore the factory, find four hidden eggs and collect them for Fluffy.

Find the rest of the eggs in a treasure trove, save Easter and stand to win speggtacular prizes!

Saving Easter is eggshausting - you should relax when you're done! Help Fluffy and you could win one of three family getaways.

  • Family getaways are valued at R10 000 each.
  • Family getaways are tailored to accommodate immediate family members.
  • T&Cs apply


You could win one of 20 mouth-watering Cadbury hampers. Yum!
T&Cs apply

Superbalist vouchers

You could win one of 50 Superbalist vouchers valued at R200 each. Eggciting!
T&Cs apply

Takealot vouchers

You could win one of 100 Takealot vouchers valued at R100 each! Whoopee!
T&Cs apply

It's eggstreme. It's eggshilirating. It's... the Eggstraordinary Easter story! Watch the story below, and be part of it on Facebook.


Full of good intentions, our new Easter Bunny is finding his first season of being the boss rather... eggonising.

Magogo Goat

Mystical Magogo Goat is everything you need from a cloud-floating deity - but beware of summoning her during naptime!


An Astros-obsessed fox is a little out-of-this-world, but so are the objects of his obsession. Yummy!

Police Sheep

Now an extra layer of security at the factory, the police sheep are thrilled to be out from under police chief Hippo's oppressive thumb - er, hoof.

Security Chickens

Security chickens occasionally beef with police sheep over territory, but no one can do an army barrel roll like a security chicken.

Easter Chicken

Recently retired from a lifetime of delivery and factory supervision, Easter Chicken likes to relax on his holiday farm in Port Egglizabeth.


This fast talking, quick thinking squirrel is great at saving the day, but does she have what it takes to save Fluffy's tail?


Mooira uses knowledge gathered from years of moon-jumping to power her greatest invention - the Cloud AccumulatorTM.

Shadowy Figure

We haven't seen too much of this bad boy hippo-crite this year, but keep your eyes peeled just in case!

Crispy Fluffies Treats

Frozen Fluffies Pops

Rocky Fluffies Fudge

Astros Cookie Sandwiches